Ardis DeFreece

My current artwork and research focus on the intersections of nature and human intervention. I am inspired to create work that reflects the changing nature of our environment and the everyday objects, people, creatures and places in that environment. I am fascinated by what we see every day, but that we don't really appreciate. We don't see the beauty, the disaster, the wonder, the conflict, the shadows, the lights, and the colors right in front of us. I attempt to capture some of these things in my work and hopefully share a bit of the un-seen world. Painting and drawing are my voice. Whether painting a mural, a landscape, a large narrative piece, a portrait or a small intimate work, I hope to convey something special about my subjects and tell their story. As an educator, I hope to encourage my students to find their own voice through their work as well.

I am a representational painter and draftswoman born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Since childhood I have been making art and I come from a long line of artists. I have a BA in Art and an MFA in Visual Studies. I have studied art in the US and Europe in colleges and the classical atelier system in Italy. Every year I continue to learn more about art through my own work, other artists, and teaching. Over the years, I have worked with students of all ages and I have discovered that each stage of life brings new ways of seeing and experiencing. Teaching art is an important part of my life and I am always inspired by my students. I also enjoy speaking to audiences through conferences and artist talks far and near.

Nature and ecologically centered work, landscapes, murals, still life, and installation make up the largest portion of my artwork. I love the challenge of working on miniatures or medium sized work one day and murals, large canvases, or whole rooms the next.

My artwork can be found in public and private spaces regionally, nationally and internationally. For the past twenty years, I have shown my work through non-profit organizations and institutions, juried art festivals, galleries, and alternative venues. I am fortunate to have participated in artist residencies and projects with: The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association at Hatfield Marine Science Center, Metro’s Native & Rare Plant Center, Portland, OR, Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River, OR and The Children’s Museum of Houston, among others. Currently, I am a faculty member at Pacific Northwest College of Art.

I do accept commission projects and enjoy working with clients.

For information please check out my blog page though this site or visit my public Facebook Page @artbyardisdefreece and on Instagram @ardisdefreece


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